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Electric vehicle charging cable 2016/01/15
Advantages: This product is carefully selected a variety of electric vehicles, specialty materials, quality clearance, long service life, affordable, has been able to trusted customers. Conductor Type: Conductor fine multi-strand twisted wi...
Requirements of electric vehicle charging cable 2016/01/15
Electric vehicle charging system with cable for charging electric vehicles and power connections, is one of the key equipment of electric vehicle conductive charging system, the performance of these products merits of electric vehicles for...
Electric Vehicle Charging Cable specification 2016/01/15
1 function requires electric vehicle charging cable is connected to electric vehicles and charging pile carrier, and its basic function is to transfer power. However, with the development of the charging technology, in order to better compl...
Electric vehicle charging cable standardization direction 2016/01/15
Due to the use of electric vehicle charging cable requirements differ from traditional wire and cable, wire and cable standards currently difficult to cover all the requirements of the charging cable and therefore the need for a separate ch...
The definition of high-voltage electric automotive interior 2016/01/15
High-voltage electric automotive interior definitions: EV vehicle through the ignition coil high-voltage power transmission role for spark ignition, so that the engine acting kind of insulation means with the wire, its structure is not comp...