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High-voltage electric automotive interior models function 2016/01/15
High-voltage electric automotive interior divided hindered and unhindered type: There are resistance type: The size of the resistance is based on a variety of high voltage output of the system and different terms, some only a few hundred oh...
High-voltage electric automotive interior of automotive inte 2016/01/15
When measured with a multimeter resistance high-voltage electric automotive interior, according to the following ways: a Select the appropriate gear ratio. Multimeter block ohm scale line is uneven, so the gear ratio should be selected so t...
Photovoltaic solar energy and use temperature range 2016/01/15
temperature range: 1 Ambient temperature: -40 ℃ to + 120 ℃ (mobile or fixed) 2 short-term (within 5 seconds) the maximum temperature of 200 ℃ without Supermarket 3 cable bend radius of less than 4 times the cable diameter 4 polyolefin...
Photovoltaic solar energy Products 2016/01/15
Photovoltaic solar energy Products: 1, Photovoltaic solar energy is a solar power generation system of special cables for inter mainly applied to the DC voltage terminal, power generation equipment and components leads connecting the bus co...
Photovoltaic solar energy connection between components 2016/01/15
In the Photovoltaic solar energy generation system using a low-voltage DC cables conveying part, because the use of environmental and technical requirements are different, for connecting different components have different requirements, the...